adventures in orange county: Laguna Beach

by @according2kelly on March 9, 2015


it’s been said that “the cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears or the sea” & i’d have to agree. luckily my favorite “cure all” is practically right down the street… laguna beach is my personal paradise, on earth.

next time you decide to escape to “paradise,” make sure to stop by heisler park. it’s the perfect place to watch the sunset, enjoy a picnic, catch a glimpse of catalina island (on a clear day), or if you’re really luck – you might even see a whale or a pod of dolphins swimming by.

if you’re up for a real adventure, stop by gelato paradiso first. then head to the park on foot… just walk north of main beach on the board walk, and you will find a stair case leading up to the park.


i can do hard things

by @according2kelly on March 8, 2015


running is hard. no matter how many miles i log, it just never seems easy. & unfortunately i have found that there are no short cuts, or quick fixes; that each step is a struggle & every breath difficult.

but i’ve also come to realize that it’s supposed to be hard. “if it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. the “hard”… is what makes it great.” after all, “running is nothing more than a series of arguments between the part of your brain that wants to stop & the part that wants to keep going.”

luckily for me, the part that wants to keep going usually wins, no matter how hard it is. & despite not “feeling” ready to run the ASICS LA Marathon next week, i know i am. i just have to remember #icandohardthings.

wish me luck!

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buy yourself flowers

by @according2kelly on March 6, 2015

tulips-make-me-happysome days you just have to create your own sunshine…

buy yourself flowers, eat a donut (or two), play your favorite
song while you work, put on lipstick for no reason at all.

whatever makes you feel amazing is worth doing.

#BeAwesome #ChooseJoy #BeBrave



like mother like daughter

by @according2kelly on March 4, 2015


they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery… & i have to admit my heart skipped a beat or two when charlie wanted new ASICS to match her mama’s – how could i say no?

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mustache mondays

by @according2kelly on March 2, 2015


on mondays we wear mustaches, it’s THAT simple.


sprinkles make everything better

by @according2kelly on March 1, 2015


i was “supposed” to run 15 miles – at least that’s what my training schedule said. but my legs, my body & especially my head just couldn’t go that far. two weeks until the ASICS LA Marathon & the 10 miles i completed felt long & hard.

despite running 25 miles two weeks ago, i’m really starting to doubt myself.

i know i’m supposed to “relish” the bad runs, but it is so much harder than it sounds. however i do realize that without the bad runs, it’s difficult to recognize, much less appreciate, the good ones.

really looking forward to being able cancel out all these bad runs. & yes, #SprinklesMakeEverythingBetter.

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adventures in orange county: Newport Beach

by @according2kelly on February 28, 2015

exploring-newport-beach-civic-centercuriouser and curiouser… i thought i was exploring newport beach, yet i’m feeling more like alice in wonderland.

want to get lost down the rabbit hole? head on over to the newport beach civic center & park, located practically around the corner from fashion island. you’ll find an amazing green space filled with sculptures, picnic areas, wetlands, bridges, a dog park, viewing platforms, and 16 bunny sculptures.


weimaraners are my favorite

by @according2kelly on February 24, 2015


whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, never owned a dog. #GigiTheDog #WeimaranersAreMyFavorite

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running for those who can’t

by @according2kelly on February 15, 2015

asics-la-marathon-trainingnearly 39,000 steps, 25 miles & way too many hours on the treadmill… today’s ASICA LA Marathon training run was literally long & extremely hard.

i spent most of the run thinking about all the girls with retts syndrome – it’s amazing how much #runningforthosewhocan’t really puts everything in perspective.

on the bright side, i’ve fallen in love “at first run” with my new ASICS 33-MM’s – i’m practically running on clouds with these on my feet.


sparkle & shine

by @according2kelly on February 14, 2015

training-for-asics-la-marathoneven though i’m not racing, that doesn’t mean i can’t sparkle. tomorrow’s ASICS LA Marathon training run will require that i dig deep, & i can’t think of a better to reason to sparkle & shine.

when my legs get tired (& i know they will), i will run with my heart – thinking of all the girls with rett syndrome.

tomorrow i’m #runningforthosewhocan’t.

#BeAwesome #ChooseJoy #BeBrave