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by @according2kelly on March 5, 2007

This weekend we ventured out to Barnes & Noble, and I stumbled across a new magazine…
Well it isn’t exactly new, they are on their third issue, but it’s new to me. Anyway, I loved it. If you haven’t read it yet, run out and get yourself a copy. It’s kind of a Martha Stewart meets Real Simple. Lots of fun articles covering all the gammets: decorating, fashion, beauty, entertaining, & DIY projects. The articles are both applicable and well-written, the pictures are beautiful… overall a fun read. Here are some of my favorites things:

I wouldn’t mind a little rain now and then, if I got to wear an outfit like this! I love everything from the red trench coat and polka dot dress, to the rain boats and umbrella. And I wouldn’t mind having that cute polka dot tin to hold all my umbrellas!

What a great idea! Temporary framing… using job jackets. Rotate children’s art, frame vintage magazine covers, cut apart calendars or children’s book, or display favorite digital photos. When you get tired of the current picture, just swap in something else. Brilliant!

Ever since I’ve had kids, I’ve been drawn to flats… I can chase after my little terrors much quicker, and with less chance of falling. And who wouldn’t fall in love with any of these? They just scream SPRING!

And for those of us who need it… a little tutorial. As the page says “Somehow, the idea of fixing his tie before he heads off to work is sort of sweet.”

whit have once again opened my eyes to the world that I want to be apart of..thanks for keeping me up to date. You are the best.

mama jo
mama jo

those are all darling....can't wait to see you...


simply love this kind of stuff. will go get it right away!!! thanks for the updates.

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