happy birthday to you… abby

by @according2kelly on March 3, 2007

You’ve always been the older sister I never had! You may not realize it, but I have always been so impressed by you, and have looked up to you my entire life. Here are some of my favorite memories:
1. disneyland
2. playing hide & go seek in grandma’s big house
3. ice skating on the TINY pond in grandma’s backyard
4. roller skating in grandma’s downstairs playroom
5. making crank calls from the yellow pages in grandma’s study
6. sleeping outside at grandma’s (at the new house)
7. the year you came to “baby-sit”
8. going line dancing
9. hearing about all your adventures in HS
10.and most recently, quilting with you

thanks for all the fun memories, I look forward to even more!


I'm so glad you guys remember birthday's and are interested in each other's lives. There is something to having the same history that is very comforting. Anut polly( hey I just discovered that if you spell Aunt wrong it becomes anut! kind of funny


It's fun to be cousin friends...there's none of that sharing a bedroom/sharing clothes sister-type hassle, but you're tied together forever in ways that friends aren't. Thanks for the memories!

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