it’s a party & everyone’s invited!

by @according2kelly on June 2, 2007

Can i tell you how excited i am?! I’m loving this swapping business! It is so much fun. I absolutely LOVE playing host. I love getting the emails, I feel so popular! Plus, it is so much fun learning bits & pieces about every one’s lives, and I love checking out every one’s blogs.

Many many thanks to everyone who have already signed up. If you haven’t yet, all I can say is: why not? This is going to be tons of fun! Who doesn’t like getting surprises in their mailbox? In case your sitting on the fence about joining the fun, I say take the plunge! Remember, you have until Friday, June 8th to sign up. Then, I’ll email you your swap partners information, and you have until Monday, June 25th to mail your package!

I am so glad that I’ve gotten such a great response to the swap. I hope everyone is telling the friends… you know how it goes, the more, the merrier!

Marilou (Marilee's sis)
Marilou (Marilee's sis)

Hi Kelly,Is it too late to join the swap party? The thing is though I don't have a blog, website or flikr. If I am not able to that's fine. Thought I'd ask.

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