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by @according2kelly on June 22, 2007

thanks to kristen I’ve had salads on my mind. So I thought I’d share one of my favorites… cheesecake Factory’s BBQ ranch chicken Salad. I love this salad so much, I’ve never tried anything else on the menu.

the great thing about this particular salad, it’s also super easy to make at home. all it consists of is: chicken, avocado, tomato, grilled corn, black beans, cucumber & romaine lettuce… toss it with BBQ Ranch dressing, and top with crispy friend onion strings for crunch! YUM!

what are some of your favorite salads?


That looks really good! i'm starving right now!


ooooh my favorite salad is my chicken chop. Basically it is a chicken breast cooked with taco seasoning and then diced and chilled. Chop up the lettuce from a Cesar salad bag, mix salad together without the croutons, add some cheddar or Mexican mix cheese, some crushed tortilla chips and sometimes I add corn or chickpeas. Toss with the Cesar dressing, maybe adding a bit of ranch and then retoss with the cooled chicken.We like to eat it right away so the chips crumbles don;t get soggy. Seriously I CRAVE this salad and always love when summer comes around, so I can really enjoy it. Enjoy!

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