dear diary…

by @according2kelly on November 2, 2007

at the boutique i picked up of of miss marta’s cute mini diaries. they are perfect for jotting down the “little” things that can be so easily forgotten. so, here are some of the things, thoughts & experiences i want to remember about this past week…

i love the smell of wassil on the stove, cinnamon in the air & a fire burning… each of them announce that fall is here!

i love the sound of gavin knocking on our neighbors’ doors, then impatiently ringing the doorbell as he loudly proclaims “knock knock, trick or treat”.

i love the taste of pumpkin gingerbread trifle. for a girl who doesn’t like pumpkin pie (i know, i’ve been told that i’m crazy!) this definitely hit “the spot”. it was the perfect blend of pumpkin & gingerbread, way too delicious to put into words.

i love the sight of little owen eating his birthday cake. he started out slow but definitely finished strong! i loved watching him shovel the cake in with his hands… it was even better when gavin started to “help”.

i love the feel of reading the boys a bed time story, singing to them as we all sit together in the rocker & tucking them into bed… such precious moments aren’t going to last forever.

Ben and Laura
Ben and Laura

I love that! And adore that cute diary from Marta's shop! Those might be the perfect stocking stuffer this year!


What a wonderful idea! I often wish I had soemthing to carry in my back pocket for special thoughts! Thanks for sharing some of your sweet ones!


this recipe looks delicious! i am printing it out and making it this weekend. yum...thank you!i am inspired by all the dear diaries and going to do one myself...

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