maybe it’s not meant to be.

by @according2kelly on November 26, 2007

awhile back, i posted about the frustrations of waking up for an early morning (5:30 am) spin class, only to be denied because the class was already full. i don’t know why it took me so long to get the courage needed to try again… maybe because i am scared of rejection? perhaps because i was embarrassed because last time i turned around & walked straight out of the gym (tail between my legs)? or maybe it’s just because i’m lazy. whatever the reason, & it may have taken a couple of months, but last night i finally decided to give it a go again. so, taking after the big guy in the fluffy red suit, i made a list & checked it twice.

  • name already on the list (so i don’t have to worry about being denied), CHECK
  • shoes out & ready at the door, CHECK
  • towel, CHECK
  • clothes ready, CHECK
  • alarm set for 4:45 am, CHECK
  • alarm turned ON… opps!

yep! i set the alarm & forgot to actually turn in ON. duh, blonde one! now i’ll probably be banned from putting my name on the “list” ever again. is this ever going to work out? on the plus side… i did get to enjoy an early morning run sans children. the sun peaking out above the mountains, the cool, crisp air against my cheek & the opportunity to bundle up & really RUN, almost made up for my mistake.


At least you WANT to exercise! I hate it with a passion. I need to do it more but have absolutely no desire. :0)

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