sugar-cone cornucopia

by @according2kelly on November 15, 2007

Sugar cones
Store-bought decorator’s icing (for optional name)
Fruit-shaped candies or cereal

1. for each cornucopia, tie a ribbon around the opening of a sugar cone. but, if you want to get “fancy”: instead of just a regular shaped sugar cone filled with goodies, why not shape the cone into a real looking cornucopia? start by boiling a pot of water. you will need the steam to make the shape. take a regular sugar cone and place over the steam until pliable. do not let it get mushy. as it starts to “soften” place the pointy part of the cone over the edge of the pot so it takes a bended shape. do not let the cone get wet. once it is shaped, place it on wax paper and let it dry. you will have neat little curve to your cornucopia!

2. if adding a name (to use as a name card): with a tube of store-bought decorator’s icing and a steady hand, squirt the name of a guest along the side of the cone.

3. fill the cones with candies, such as raspberry jellies, fruit-shaped sweets, marzipan fruits, candy corn and citrus slices. For an inexpensive alternative, use fruit-shaped cereal. Let the goodies spill out over the opening and around the cone.


You can also wrap a damp paper towel around the cone and microwave it for 15 seconds, then bend it. It's one of our favorite Thanksgiving crafts.


What a cute and easy idea that I just may have to steal!!! Thanks!

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