nemo found.

by @according2kelly on December 7, 2007

two weeks ago we were in mexico. while we were there gavin was a bit of a baby when it came to the pool. which came as a total surprise, because he used to love to swim. we’ve had him in swim lessons since he turned 2 this past year & he’s done awesome. when we were in hawaii, last spring, he would jump in the pool & immediately flip to his back & float just to get a reaction out of everyone standing around the pool. so you imagine my shock to see him timid in the water. although, i must admit, while most parents see summertime as the perfect opportunity for swim lesson, i choose to take the boys out for the summer. i knew the pool would be crazy & we would be gone for a good chunk of the summer, so we quit. & me, being the not-so-on-the-ball mom that i am, never quite got them re-enrolled. but after mexico, i decided it was a necessity, & re-enrolled both boys in swim lessons the week we got home. so, here is video of gavin’s swim lesson today… this is definitely not the kid i took to mexico. suddenly, gavin thinks he’s nemo!


What a good swimmer you have. I am jealous that you can swim outside in December.

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