not looking forward to…

by @according2kelly on December 5, 2007

wrapping all the presents prettily, before placing them under the tree. it’s no secret that i’m a terrible gift wrapper. but it’s not my fault, i’m pretty sure it’s genetic… so, i find myself using lots & lots of gift bags. which have several downfalls. for one, you just don’t get the same effect, i must admit. a tree with lots of gift bags scattered below just isn’t the same as lots of boxes with big, beautiful bows. & they are not very good at keeping sneaky eyes & fingers out, & i should know. i’ve peeked into way more packages than i can count, that’s probably why my mom started sealing the bags shut with scotch tape. (the most embarrassing part of this confession occurred the first christmas i celebrated with jeff, while we were dating. see, jeff is the product of an incredibly talented gift wrapper, & inherited several of these gift wrapping genes. so, we gathered to exchange gifts… each one his gifts to me, had been wrapped with so much thought & attention to detail. and then there were the ones for him, crammed into cheesy gift bags. yeah, i felt proud.) anyway…. just because most of my presents will be wrapped in kraft paper bags, doesn’t mean they can’t have bit of sparkle & pizazz. that’s why i’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my tags from miss marta. they will certainly add just the right amount of umph! to any package. (hurry & order yours today, before it’s too late!)


These are GREAT! I must confess, I am a gift bag girl too--shameful, but true! I must reform.

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