getting my hands dirty.

by @according2kelly on April 9, 2008

last week we planted a garden of sorts, thanks to lots of encouragement & help from a few friends. although, from my past experience, i don’t exactly have the greenest of thumbs. so, instead of setting myself up for a heartbreak, i didn’t get too committed. rather than putting all the effort into a huge garden plot, i’ve started small… just a lot of pots that have been filled with dirt & my dreams of being able to eat something i’ve actually grown. the best part, for me anyway, of this entire gardening experience, is seeing how excited the boys are about it & how much they want to help. so when i came across mini flower pots & seeds in the dollar bins at target i knew i had to get them for the boys. so yesterday, gavin, o & i planted tomatoes, sunflowers, marigolds, oregano & zinnias in these itty bitty pots, perfect for my windowsill. i’ll let you know how they do. maybe, deep down, i’m a gardener after all.

image via flickr.

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