a funny thing happened on the way to coldplay.

by @according2kelly on July 21, 2008

we were stranded on some random freeway in the middle of LA. unfortunately, AAA was one of the expenses we had cut recently, in an effort to save money. (and just so you don’t think we are total idiots… i can change a tire. i just didn’t realize the tire iron in the car didn’t fit the lug nuts.) luckily, my mom is nice & hooked us up. she made the call to AAA. & fortunately, we still made in plenty of time to watch, listen & rock out to them.

however, it wasn’t so funny, when it happened again, just four days later, to a completely different tire. (as we sat waiting, i had to remind myself of the story good luck? bad luck?)

this time we got to visit a quaint little part of town, people refer to as east LA. we found a nearby tire shop where they quickly asked for the spare. all we could do was, head nod to where it was, already on the car (i hadn’t gotten around to getting a new tire quite yet). luckily they could fix the tire.

so what’s first on my to-do list? get new tires.


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