attention fairy godmother.

by @according2kelly on July 31, 2008

i’m fairly certain that out there somewhere is my fairy godmother, or rather my fgm. so, just in case she is out there listening, or reading, whatever be the case, i just wanted to let her know that currently at the top of my wish list is THIS new stroller. & just because i like to help her out, & because i know she wants to hook me up with this fabulous new stroller, if she acts NOW, when she purchases me the stroller, she’ll get the doubles kit for FREE! at a savings of $100, that’s quite the deal! plus, it gets even better… because shipping is just a flat-rate of $7.99 on all orders! chaching!

so seriously, fgm, or anyone else who feels so inclined to, can send me THIS here stroller. i won’t mind a bit!


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