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by @according2kelly on July 1, 2008

for all you swappers out there… i hope you didn’t forget to mail off your pretty little packages yesterday. that is, if you haven’t already! i’m sure everyone is excited to see what their partners have chosen to send, & we wouldn’t want them to have to wait too long!

once you’ve received your package, be sure to post photos here, for everyone to enjoy! if for some reason your package is delayed in any way (we all realize that sometimes life happens), please, please, please be sure to let your swap partner know. i wouldn’t want anyone out there in bloggy-land feeling all alone! if you have any questions/ comments, just drop me a line at: accordingtokelly@yahoo.com

and finally, i just want to thank everyone for participating. i’ve absolutely LOVED playing the host. it has been so much fun getting to know everyone. i will definitely host another swap soon, so check back often!

image via flickr.


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