’70s flashback.

by @according2kelly on August 6, 2008

the ’70s were full of some serious crafts… macrame, lanyards, pet rocks, rainbow sand bottles. pair all that with disco, & all i can say is wow! what an era. i definitely missed out. bring a little bit of the ’70s back into your life with a little string art, remember that one? the basically, using a fabric covered board (a cork floor tile covered with black felt work well), you pound in some small nails or pins in a pattern, & then using string “thread” the nails to create beautiful picture. Find more in-depth instructions HERE & HERE. you can buy string art kits HERE, but there are tons of FREE patterns available HERE, HERE, & HERE. and here’s a little tip i’ve picked up along the way… use a film canister (if you still have one lying around) to hold the string so it doesn’t get tangled. put one end of the string inside the canister, then put on the lid. wind the remainder of the string around the outside of the canister.

have fun!
image via family fun.

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