let’s go surfing now, everybody’s learning how.

by @according2kelly on August 7, 2008

one afternoon this week jeff ditched work a little early, we loaded up the truck with beach towels, snacks, some surfboards , the whole fam (even gigi!) & meet some friends at the beach. we played in sand, frolicked in the waves, all while watching the boys surf. even gavin got a little face time with a board… jeff paddled them out & together they “caught” a few waves.

gavin loved it… he could have “surfed” all afternoon. but if you ask gavin how many waves he caught, here’s how he’ll answer…

before we know it, owen will be out there too, he kept himself busy checking out all of the boards & trying to land surf. pretty soon we’ll have a bunch of little grommets running around.


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