nymcn: crafter’s give back

by @according2kelly on August 8, 2008

summer has been crazy, leaving little, if no time, for crafting. luckily, last night we managed to get in a not your mama’s craft night summer session. we’ve done the green edition, we’ve made freezer paper stencils & done mod podge, we’ve played with our food, & recycled t-shirts. so we thought it was high-time we did something with a service-oriented twist. that’s how we happened upon good 4 girls an organization “making the world a better place… one pad at a time”.

you’ve probably already seen the ad campaign sponsored by tampax & always… you know, the commercials that explain that “for some girls in southern africa, getting their period means missing school for several days each month. that’s because they don’t have access to something many of us take for granted: feminine protection.” wow! to be honest, i’d probably never thought of it before. but i can’t even begin to imagine have to rely on rags, camel skin, or old newspapers.

so, we rallied the forces, gathered some supplies & set about to make as many of THESE (with a few variations, like adding a waterproof layer) as possible. as usual, the evening was full of laughter, good treats & lots of crafting. together we helped make “the world a better place… one pad at a time”. as always, feel free to craft along from the comfort of you own home.


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