on the road again.

by @according2kelly on August 25, 2008

can you believe the summer is almost over? september is just around the corner! we’ve got one more road trip planned, so i’ll be taking off for a week or so. i’ll be busy relaxing, playing, visiting & shopping… so don’t worry if i don’t manage to get any blogging done.

enjoy these last, few precious moments of summer! looking for some fun activities to keep you & your little ones busy over the next week or so? check out a few of these:

* play kick the can, capture the flag, ghosts in the graveyard. for game ideas, rules & so much more, check out HERE.

* visit your local farmer’s market… find the nearest location HERE.

* make home-made ice cream sandwiches. recipes HERE.

* break out the tie-dye.

* check out story time at your local barnes & noble.

* get your craft on.

* have a water balloon fight, break out the slip ‘n slide, blow up pool, or sprinkler attachments, or use cheap, store bought spray bottles to have fun & keep cool.

* make some homemade m&m and caramel popcorn & have a family movie night.

* make home-made ice-cream. instructions HERE.

* paint backyard murals.

whatever you do… be sure to have fun! see you in a week or so!

image via flickr.


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