our state fair is a great state fair

by @according2kelly on August 5, 2008

don’t miss it, don’t even be late.
it’s dollars to donuts
that our state fair
is the best state fair in our state.
Rodgers and Hammerstein’s State Fair

last week we packed up the boys & headed over to the fair. (okay, so maybe we didn’t go to the “state” fair, it was more of a “county” fair, but it’s all the same.) we did lots & lots of people watching, rode a few rides, hemmed & hawed about getting up & humilating ourselves by playing rock band on the tour bus stage (i chickened out), visited the petting zoo & ate lots and lots of food.

you can pretty much guarantee that everything at the fair is either smothered in bbq sauce, laden with butter, deep fried, or sometimes all three. we discovered that they’ll deep fry anything… oreo’s, frog legs, twinkies, spam, snickers bars, raviloi, pop tarts, avocados, & cream puffs, just to name a few of the more random menu items. and although all of that definitely sounded tempting, we settled for a decadant deep fried mexican funnel cake. which is basically a churro fried up like your typical funnel cake, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar & topped with lots of whipped cream & strawberries. it was the best of both worlds… yum!

boy am i glad that the fair only comes once a year. i don’t know if i could handle much more. but, i’m already waiting for next year.


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