the ride.

by @according2kelly on August 22, 2008

lately, i’ve been pretending that i’m a mountain biker. prior to last saturday, the last time i had been on a mountain bike, was at least 10 years ago, & that experience didn’t exactly go well. but when carrie called suggesting i join her & some other girls, for a saturday afternoon ride, how could i say no? & although it was a little awkward riding on dirt, & going downhill makes me really nervous, somehow i managed to survive… in fact, i kind of even liked it. so when carrie called again & invited me to join her & the girls for their weekly wednesday night ride, of course i said yes.

led by a fearless leader, our group of adventurous, fun loving ladies hit the trails. we conquered mountains & sand traps. some screamed the whole way down, while others were screaming on inside, as we maneuvered around the bumps & rocks in the trail. & i, took my first fall… yep! i locked my arms up tight, shifted my weight forward, squeezed the brakes a touch too hard & i went flying over the handle bars, somehow managing to wrapped up in my bike. some skinned knees, a knot or two in my leg, a nice bruise on my stomach, a raw elbow & some dirt on the teeth… i definitely exuded beauty & grace.

but i have too say… i’d do it all again, just in case you had any question about it carrie, as long as we finish the evening with arby’s loaded potato bites again.


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