true-life confessions.

by @according2kelly on August 13, 2008

  • i never went to bed last night. i ended up working late into the night, by the time i was finished it was 4:30. knowing 2 hours of sleep would be worse for me than no sleep, i got dressed & went to the early morning spin class.
  • i have been a total slacker lately, when it comes to blog comments. so, please! if you’ve left me a comment lately, & i haven’t responded yet, don’t hate me, or think i’m ignoring you… i’m just being lazy.
  • i haven’t cooked dinner for the two weeks.
  • i haven’t gone to the grocery store in over three weeks.
  • sometime during the week i ran out of shampoo… i had already gone one day (or so) without washing my hair, so i needed to do something. the baby powder smelling puppy shampoo was the best thing i could come up with. you bet i used it, & my hair has never smelled better.
  • my mortgage went up $800 this month… that hurts.
  • i think i need a vacation.
  • i didn’t make it to the gym yesterday. instead i ate an entire bag of circus peanuts.
  • i spaced the zip code on my swap package, so it came back to me. so i ended up sending out my package a day late. opps!
  • i think i’ve officially “let myself go”. last week, i wore a hat nearly every day, & my mom asked me if i ever do anything with my hair other than the princess leia buns i’ve been sporting lately.
  • i’m still driving with my spare tire because i’m too lazy, & don’t want to spend the money, to get it fixed.
  • up until yesterday, i had been to the eye doctor for about 2 years. unable to get new contacts, i’ve just been stealing jeffy’s.
  • i hate the word moist & the taste, or lack of taste, of water.
  • i haven’t relapsed yet. that’s a good thing, i think…

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