it’s not easy been green.

by @according2kelly on September 4, 2008

actually, to tell you the truth, it’s really not that hard & i’m definitely having some fun with it. after having four flat tires in one month, i finally decided maybe it was time to bite the bullet & invest in some new wheels. so two weeks ago i did just that. one week later, i come home from fabulously relaxing & well deserved trip, only to find one of my tires flat again. ay carumba! we haven’t quite had time to make it over to the tire shop yet, so i’ve been chauffeuring the kids around on my bike. i’m actually loving it! it kinda makes running errands, and going to the grocery store – fun. although, i do arrive a little bit sweatier & more disheveled looking than usual. so far, nobody’s made any comments yet, about me stinking too much… hopefully if i just load up on the deodorant i’ll be good. maybe this will have to become a regular thing! i’m always looking for little ways i can “do my part”.


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