the color purple.

by @according2kelly on September 17, 2008

this week is crazy… not enough time to do the things i’m “supposed” to do, let alone the things i actually want to do, such as… blogging. yet, i wanted to share with you a recent project. 

kerry was moving into her new teeny-tiny, closet sized bedroom & was in need of some additional storage. luckily my mom had this old dresser in her garage. it had been my dad’s growing up, it was had been in my parent’s bedroom for years, & then each of my brother’s had it in their care for a spell. so, kerry decided to take it under her wing. although we both agreed it needed some “sprucing up”. unfortunately, for the life of me, i can’t seem to find the before pictures, you’ll just have to my word for it… it was very drab & boring. isn’t it amazing what a little paint & some sand paper can do? i love kerry’s color choices: purple, with just a peek of orange. magnificio!

this is carrie
this is carrie

This dress would look so great in the girls new room I'm planning for them. Bookmarking it in my mind then I'm going to have to pick your brain on how to do it when the time comes.

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