to school we go.

by @according2kelly on September 9, 2008

dear gavin,
twenty years from now, you probably won’t even remember today. however, i truly doubt i will ever be able to forget it. today was one of those “milestone moments” that will forever be etched in my memory, right up there with all of your other “firsts”. that’s right, today we embarked upon a new adventure. to be honest, it’s still hard to believe that you are actually starting pre-school, you just don’t seem old enough! it seems like only yesterday that you were just a tiny little baby, totally & completely dependent on me for everything & anything. but, here we are, just 3 short years later, & i’m kissing you on the cheek, patting your head & watching you walk into your new classroom all on your own. i guess it’s time for me to accept that you are now a big boy, or as you like to say “the man”.

it’s funny… i feel like i’ve been preparing for this day forever. we’ve gone back to school shopping, gotten a new lunchbox, & i busily prepared the “perfect” snack. as a family we celebrated with a “back-to-school” extravanganza (a la nie nie)… complete with homemade party banners, gourmet blue cheese burgers, broccoli mandarian orange salad, & a big ‘ole slice of “five minutes in heaven” cake. we released balloons, representing our hopes & dreams for this coming year. your dad gave you a special blessing last night, & the backpack (or in our case the “bucket”) fairy paid you a visit. but in all seriousness, most of this was probably just for me. you woke up this morning & didn’t even realize that anything was different or “special” about today. when i dropped you off at school today, you scurried off, without as much as a look back, almost like you had been doing it for years. and although i may have been impatiently waiting for the clock to strike 12, so i could pick you up, you actually looked disappointed when i said it was time to go home. (although you definitely perked up when I placed a celebratory glass of frrrozen hot chocolate in front of you.)

obviously, i don’t really need to worry anymore about how you are handling all this. you seem to be doing fine. hopefully i’ll adjust just as easily, & as quickly. so, i guess i’ll let you go back again on thursday, if you really want to. oh, & by the way, just in case you wondering…. the required hug & kiss are definitely not optional – even if your friends are looking.

xoxo, mom


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