any spook-tacular ideas out there?

by @according2kelly on October 10, 2008

yesterday i signed up to help with gavin’s preschool halloween party. all the easy stuff was taken, so i’m bringing the main dish/ sandwiches. i’ve been doing some “research” & thinking up some ideas. i may just end up going with basic sandwiches cut into fun halloween shapes using cookies cutters, but i was looking for some new & exciting ideas. here’s what i’ve come up with so far.

bologna pumpkin head
ritz spiders
coffin sandwiches
spooky eyeball tacos
mummy dogs
breadstick bones
witches finger sandwiches
meatball creepy crawlers

anyone out there have any brilliant thoughts or spooky ideas out there? i’m sure i’m not the only one bringing halloween themed sandwiches to school this year! i’d love to hear your ideas.

image via kraft foods.


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