what is it about glitter?

by @according2kelly on October 28, 2008

i love anything that is bright, shiny, glitters or sparkles. it’s one of my more “girly” attributes. from a very young age my mother tried to instill a no glitter policy. not so much in things that were pre-glittered, she just tried to steer me away from art & craft projects that involved me actually applying glitter. (it all goes back to a certain t-shirt painting birthday party i had one year. after all the presents had been opened, the guests were gone & the clean up commenced, we were left with glitter remnants that lasted for years… seriously.)

so, i must admit that while i think THESE beautiful glittery lovelies would be “oh so pretty” & probably very easy to make, i don’t know if i’ll be able to get my mother’s nagging voice out of my head. but, just because my mom told me i can’t make them, doesn’t mean you can’t!


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