cricut anyone?

by @according2kelly on November 7, 2008

so, i don’t scrapbook. not because i don’t think they are darling, because they always are. nor because i don’t love to ohhh & ahh over them, because i do. but mostly because i don’t have the patience for it. in college, i gave it the old college try. i actually managed to scrapbook all four years. but since then, i haven’t touched a glue stick. i have tried my hand at the digital form, but, it still doesn’t tickle my fancy.

but suddenly, despite my lack my desire to scrapbook, i find myself wanting, craving, even salivating at the mere thought of a cricut. it probably sounds dumb, but it just sounds fun. & even though i’m not a “scrapbooker”, i’m sure i could come up with a project or two to put it to good use. so what do you think? anyone out there with a cricut? do you actually use it, or does it just gather dust on some shelf? is it silly to get one, even if i don’t scrapbook? which one is the best (there are so many to choose from)? what to you use your cricut for? is it easy to use? is it good to go, the way it comes? or will i have to buy lots & lots of paraphernalia? anyway, i’d love to know your thoughts concerning the cricut while i continue to write my pro/con list & weigh need vs. desire. hmmm… what’s a girl to do?


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