oreo cookie turkeys

by @according2kelly on November 18, 2008

THESE bad boys are always a hit. anything that involves munching on oreo’s is definitely a winner. i think the boys & i ate just as many as we made. want to make your own oreo cookie turkeys? then grab your supplies & let’s get crafting. all you’ll need is: double stuff oreo’s, whoppers malted milk balls, some candy corn, & a toothpick or two.

step 1: twist one oreo cookie apart, trying to keep all the “cream” on one side of the cookie. lay the cookie half with the cream, chocolate side down… this will be the base of your turkey.

step 2: take a second oreo & place the entire oreo on it’s side (so it sticks straight up in the air), wedged into the “cream” base.

step 3: in front of the oreo that is laying on it’s side, place a malted milk ball for the turkey’s head.

step 4: insert several candy corn, points down, into the cream filling of the oreo cookie that is standing on it’s side, making feathers.

step 5: use the white tip of one of the candy corns for the beak & “glue” it on to the malted milk ball using a little oreo cooking cream.

step 6: finally, using a toothpick, dab some oreo cookie “cream” dots onto the malted milk ball for the eyes.


That is awesome! I finally know what to do with the leftover Halloween candy...hee, hee, hee...


That is so clever! Just when I thought oreos couldn't get any better! My kids would get a kick out of those.

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