gingerbread houses.

by @according2kelly on December 15, 2008

one of my talents definitely isn’t making a proper gingerbread house. for one reason or another mine always seem to collapse. but this year i have a new found hope… a couple of weeks ago i received personal gingerbread house making lessons from none other than disneyland’s executive head pastry chef, chef jean-marc viallet. okay, so they weren’t exactly one-on-one lessons, but it was a very intimate group. this week i’m planning on putting his “tips & tricks” to the test. (one i’m definitely using – instead of “gluing” my house together with royal icing, i’ll be using melted white chocolate.) with any luck, i’ll be creating my own gingerbread village in know time. want to check out more of chef jean-marc viallet tips? go HERE.


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