oreo cookie snowmen

by @according2kelly on December 4, 2008

we started off the holiday baking with a little something that required absolutely no baking. actually, to be absolutely honest, very little was involved other than eating lots of mini m&ms, and a few oreo cookies, because they are super easy! but, in the end, our tummies were very full & we had a plate full of cute little snowmen. so now, to get you in the holiday mood, i present oreo cookie snowmen…

to start, gather your supplies… white fudged covered oreo cookies (yep! you read that right. you don’t even have to dip the oreos in chocolate. i told you it was easy!), black & orange decorating gel, and if you want to get really fancy – mini m&ms, but those are totally optional.

step one: with your orange decorating gel draw a little sideways, triangular squiggle for the carrot nose.

next, using the black decorating gel, add two eyes & a mouth. then, ta da! your done. see… i told you it was easy. but if you want to get fancy… you could always add some accessories. perhaps some mini m&ms ear muffs (check out the very first picture. see that little guy sporting the yellow ear muffs?), or use the decorating gel to add a little scarf, the possibilities are endless.

bet you can’t make these, without getting frosty the snowman stuck in your head. have fun & be sure to eat an oreo or two for me.


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