today my feet LOVE me.

by @according2kelly on December 19, 2008

yesterday the boys & i traded the responsibilities of the REAL world (the 3-layer cake i am supposed to bake for tonight’s church party, finishing up the christmas presents, package deliveries, house cleaning, & stamp lick’n) for the frolic & fun of the magic kingdom. the only responsible thing i did all day was choose some really fabulous footwear. you see, last week when we visited the happiest place on earth, it was freezing (yep! even in sunny california, sometimes it gets cold!). with my warmth & comfort in mind i chose to wear my fuzzy, furry, & very warm uggs. but, in case you don’t already know, those boots definitely aren’t made for walking. by the end of the evening, & the entire next day, my feet, legs, even my butt was sore. so, even though it was once again freezzing, & even though those warm & toasty boots were calling my name, i turned to my trusty crocs… they are so dang comfy! now normally, i’m not a “croc” kind of a girl. i love ’em for my kids, in fact for little ones, they are my preferred footwear of choice. but on me, i’ve always felt they looked a little too much like clown shoes… & i’m just a little too fashion conscious to be able to pull that look off. but THESE shoes are both comfy & cute, the best of both worlds!

image via crocs.


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