falling off the wagon.

by @according2kelly on January 14, 2009

battling personal demons is never easy. just when you think you have them under control & you’ve finally whipped them in the butt, there they go… popping up again. for years i’ve battled an addiction. this past year, i decided this was “the” year. no longer was i going to let my problem rule my life. & for a time, i was triumphant. i actually had overcome my addiction, & it felt good. unfortunately, & i’m embarrassed to admit, i’ve relapsed. & while it doesn’t justify my actions, i do have a good excuse – pregnancy. there is just something about a tall glass of crushed ice, filled to the rim with cherry coke, that satisfies my cravings. i’m just hoping that i haven’t fallen off the wagon forever. soon enough, i’m sure i’ll be fighting the urges to “use”, until then, i don’t mind indulging myself, just a bit.

image via flickr.


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