bathing beauty?

by @according2kelly on February 17, 2009

outside the sky is dark & the rain is coming down so hard, i actually think it might be time to start building my ark. and yet, i find myself dragging (or did i actually waddle?) my extremely round, extremely large, extremely pregnant self out to the car to go…. bathing suit shopping.

have i lost my mind? not exactly the self-esteem booster that i am desperately in need of! but, with both my doctor & chiropractor forbidding me from participating in pretty much anything that slightly resembles exercise (cycling, running, even yoga), i’m going just a wee bit crazy. so, i’ve decided to attempt swimming. notice, i said attempt. i’m not exactly the strongest of swimmers, but i’m hoping all this extra “insulation” i’ve been carrying around the last couple of months will make me a little more buoyant. if anything, i’ll be the talk of the gym, as i strut my stuff… at least i won’t be sporting an “itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini”. although, i do find myself wishing i could look as glamorous as these lovely ladies. wonder where i can myself a ruffled swim cap and matching swim suit?

image via flickr.


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