just call me patch.

by @according2kelly on February 25, 2009

after my beauty intervention a couple of weeks ago, orchestrated by my four year old son of all people, i realized i really need to keep my eyebrows tamed. & to be honest, i can totally understand why gavin thought i looked scary. i don’t just have eyebrows, they are more like hairy, bushy caterpillars that grow above my eyes. so, if i don’t stay on top of it, things can definitely get scary.

in light of the recent economic crunch, that i’m sure everyone is feeling, i figured i’d save a little money & do some of the “maintenance” myself. you’d think i’d have learned my lesson after my attempt at cutting my own bangs, but no… i figured at little tweezing here & there, & maybe a bit of a trim & i would be as good as new. heck – i did it for years on my own, before i ever sought a professional’s help.

yeah, i think i went a bit too far. everything started out fine, let’s just say i got a bit carried away with the trimming, & one eyebrow is looking a bit stubby. i think it’s time to get a professional’s help, although i’m definitely not looking forward to the chastising i’m going to get from the little old lady who threads my eyebrows. already, i can see her shaking her head & tsking me. & did i mention that i’m attending a big wedding next week? i’ll be the big, fat pregnant lady wearing the eye patch. (maybe i can “beadazzle” the eye patch with a few rhinestones.)


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