making rice krispie kisses

by @according2kelly on February 12, 2009

last year i posted instructions for one of my personal favorite valentine’s treats to make & give… this year we snapped a few photos while making them for gavin’s pre-school class, so i thought a little tutorial was in order.

step one: gather your supplies. you will need all the ingredients for your favorite rice krispie treat recipe (i always stick with the “basic” recipe which calls for 1/4 cup butter, 4 cups of marshmallows, & 5 cups of either regular or chocolate rice krispie cereal), aluminum foil, pam or other cooking spray, funnel, wax paper, a plastic baggie & your “strips of love”

step two: make the rice krispies. i always use the microwave… way faster & a bit easier, but that’s just me. microwave butter & marshmallows on high for 1 minutes in microwave-safe, very large mixing bowl. stir to combine. (it helps to spray the bowl with cooking spray or grease with oil beforehand so the marshmallows won’t stick.) microwave at high 1 minute longer. stir until smooth. add cereal. stir until well coated.

step three: spray your funnel with cooking spray & spray the outside of the plastic baggie (it’ll keep your hand from getting all sticky). using the plastic baggie as a glove press rice krispie mixture into the funnel & then place molded rise krispie kiss on waxed paper. you may need to shape them a little more to make them look like kisses. repeat until you have used all of your rice krispie mixture. (any sized funnel works… just depends on how big or small you want your kisses.)

step four: tear off a square of aluminum foil & spray a little cooking spray on it (to keep the rice krispie from sticking to the foil, or you can first wrap the “kiss” in saran wrap, your choice). place a “kiss” in the center of the foil & then wrap it up to look like a kiss.

step five: be sure to add your “strip of love”, & viola! you’ve got yourself some rice krispie kisses.

& if you want to get really fancy, you might want to think about dipping the “kiss” in some chocolate prior to the foil wrapping… just a thought.

you might also want to check out last year’s felt fortune cookies… they were yummy too.


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