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by @according2kelly on March 10, 2009

life these days is crazy, wouldn’t you agree? maybe it’s just my hormones, but one minute i’m flying high & the next i’m totally overwhelmed. i keep telling myself that i’m totally prepared for this baby… that was, until one of my best friends (who is due just a few weeks before me) just happened to have her baby today. oh heavens! suddenly my world is whirling around me… more than likely, this baby isn’t coming early, but the possibility makes me a little crazy!

when i actually stop & think about it, i know have all that i “need”. already having two kids, pretty much prepares you. sure, her room might not be ready, i have yet to purchase a single outfit for her, i haven’t even acquired the required slew of headbands & bows that loudly proclaim “i’m a girl!”. but if push came to shove, i could send the hubby to the store to buy some infant diapers, put the infant car seat back in the car & break out a few of the infant gowns currently being stored in the garage (i figure i have at least five years to come up with a good story to explain to her why everything she wore was blue for the first little while). however, if i can have things “my way”, every single little “to do” will be done, all my i’s will be dotted & every t crossed.

so while i’m busy “making my list & checking it twice”, i’d love to hear your thoughts on a few matters…

– anyone have a favorite baby bag? being a purse-a-holic, i’ve gone through several baby bags… petunia pickle bottom, kate spade, & harvey’s to name a few, but i’m on the lookout for something new. i prefer baby bags that don’t look like baby bags, does that make sense? any recommendations?

– what about car seats? with both of my boys i used an infant car seat, you know the kind that has an infant carrier that attached to a base. with gavin, i used the carrier EVERYWHERE. with owen, i found i didn’t use the carrier nearly as much as i thought i would – lugging the baby carrier & running after a 2 year old was harder than i had imagined. so the decision i’ve been trying to make lately is… should i stick with the infant car seat, or should i go with the convertible car seat? the biggest pro with sticking with the infant car seat is that i already own one, so i won’t really have to purchase anything. however, that means, that i’ll have to put gavin’s big, bulky convertible car seat in the third row, which also involves me having to climb back to the third row to strap him in. or, i could put the infant in the big, bulky convertible car seat (facing backwards of course) & move gavin up to a booster. thoughts? any experience in this area? if you’ve used a convertible car seat with any infant, did you love it? or did you wish you had a carrier to detach?

– room sharing. currently both boys have their own rooms. but with only three bedrooms, someone’s going to have to share. the question is, should i move the boys in together, or put the baby & little o together. i think the boys would have a blast, after gavin got used to it. but, owen still naps, so their would be large chunks of the day when gavin won’t be able to go into his room. but, would two napping babies in one room be crazy?

– what “must-haves” do you pack to take to the hospital?

– any other favorite baby items & accessories that i just need to have?

thanks so much in advance for all your advice & suggestions, i can’t wait to hear what you have to say!


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