american idol

by @according2kelly on March 31, 2009

so do you mind if i brag a little? because that’s exactly what i’m going to do… last week i became a STAR. just kidding! no, no – i’m not bragging because me & some friends scored tickets to last week’s american idol results show (wanna get your own tickets? go HERE for the how-to), nor am i bragging because we got to see stevie wonder, joss stone & smokey robinson all perform LIVE, & i’m also not bragging because we ended up with killer seats (i was in the third row, behind the judges, sitting immediately next too allison’s family, nor am i bragging because for about 10 seconds i was on television (check me out HERE, at about 24 minutes & 1o seconds into the show). so why exactly am i bragging? because i have got the greatest gal pals in the world. all my crazed ranting & ravings caught their attention & they decided i was in desperate need of a girls day out! thanks ladies for the AI adventure, it was awesome!


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