back to basics

by @according2kelly on March 16, 2009

i’m going to share a little secret – i really am a true blonde, sort of. unfortunately though, my hair isn’t naturally a beautiful platinum blonde color like my brother’s, i too have to pay for that kind of “fun”. instead it’s kind of this ugly, sandy blonde color that isn’t quite blonde or brown, just kind of in-between. for most of my life i have embraced the blonde, although on a few occasions i have gone over to the “dark side“, including recently, but to be honest, it just doesn’t feel like me. luckily i have my own personal hair dresser who is always ready & willing to perform her magic at my beck & call. so last week i walked into her “salon” with dowdy, mousy brown hair & emerged a blonde bombshell. it felt so natural, i didn’t even have to look twice… although, i am still getting used to my shorter new ‘do – cutting 6+ inches can really lighten your load! at least now i can put another check mark on my countdown to baby checklist – hair beautified, check! now even if she comes a bit early, at least i’ll be looking hot (as hot as you can look when you are about to pop! that is). hopefully though, she will make her entry right on time… otherwise my mom just might miss the big celebration, it’s kinda hard to rush on over to the hospital when you are backpacking around india.


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