bob the builder.

by @according2kelly on March 24, 2009

this morning we’ve been keeping busy. the boys have been “consolidated” into one room, amazingly. so now it’s time to get to work girl-ifying the princess’ new royal palace. i had the brilliant idea of picking up an old beat up dresser at one of the local thrift shops & making it purr-ty, like we did HERE. would you believe that all of dressers i came across were super pricey, like over $200! hello?! so, instead, we decided to go pick something up from ikea. assembling it this morning gave me a good chance to do some bonding with the boys. seeing that i was able to assemble the dresser with the actual help of two little boys & an elmo hammer – i hoping that speaks more to the brilliance & simplicity of ikea, as opposed to really shoddy craftsmanship. i guess we will see. now we just have to decide what color to paint the dresser, the baby blue just doesn’t seem fitting.


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