potty training?

by @according2kelly on March 5, 2009

so the countdown has begun! less than two months until the soon-to-be pampered princess is scheduled to make her arrival. am i ready? not really. but, that “nesting” urge has definitely started to take over. suddenly i’m feeling the urge to take a toothbrush to the baseboards & make sure they really are clean. the other urge i’m feeling, but trying hard to resist, is the need, no want, to potty-train owen.

with gavin, i didn’t even attemp to potty-train until he was 3 – but mostly because i was too lazy, & he had no interest at all. but when i did decide to train him, it was fairly quick & easy. little o has just turned 2. which, in my mind, seems rather young, but he is showing an interest. although, he definitely doesn’t really “get it”. the idea of only having one in diapers is wonderful, but am i dreaming? if i potty-train with only two months to go, will he just revert to diapers after the baby comes? will all the effort be a waste of time or will this be the best decision i’ve ever made? thoughts? theories? any experience on the matter you’d like to share?

image via anne taintor


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