wish me luck…

by @according2kelly on March 30, 2009

last week i visited the dentist for the first time in years. go ahead… chastise me, gasp, raise your eyebrows. it’s one of the things that i’ve needed to do, that’s always at the back of my head, but i’m always great at finding a excuse not to go – lack of time, lack of dental insurance, lack of money, & my favorite one, “but my teeth don’t hurt”. seeing that it’s finally dawned on me that i’m having a third child, which really does mean a lack of time & money, i felt like it was high-time i get myself into that dentist chair. not surprisingly i had several cavities, i won’t tell you how many, because you would then fall out of your chair & i don’t want to be held responsible for anyone getting hurt. let’s just say that i’ll be making several trips to the dentist over the next month, in an effort to get them all taken care of before the princess arrives. so, with that being said, wish me luck… i’m off to get the “big ones” filled, let’s just hope i don’t end up having to get a root canal (or two). but when i get back, i have so much to tell you. did you see me on american idol last week?

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