pictures of my big, fat, pregnant belly.

by @according2kelly on April 7, 2009

this is a picture of me, my big ‘ole belly, & if you squint really hard you can kinda see my shoes way down there. i guess it’s kind of a good thing, because i still can, kinda see my toes peeking out beyond my belly… just a smidge. with only weeks to go, i’ve been pretty good at avoiding the camera lens. but all that is going to come to an end. against my better judgment, but at the request of THIS wonderful lady, i’m going to do something i swore i never would do… a pregnancy photo session. i have to admit, i haven’t got the slightest idea of what i’m getting myself into, but i’m sure it’ll be fun. i can’t promise i’ll share the pictures with the world via the internet, i’m not sure i’m that brave, but you never know. i just might surprise you. heck! i never thought i’d let anyone take pictures of my big, fat, pregnant belly & here i am, doing just that… so anything can happen.


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