pinching their pennies.

by @according2kelly on April 22, 2009

i think it’s time i invest in a piggy bank for my boys. lately, they’ve been scavenging the house looking for all sorts of loose change & “millions of dollars” as gavin calls the paper money. they know &/or have found all my hiding spots for change & have completely cleaned me out. today i stumbled across this pile of money on one of their dressers. before i could gather it up, gavin quickly informed me that he was saving up for the hungry hungry hippos game. at the rate he is going, this little thief will have enough money in no time… too bad half of it is foreign currency leftover from our travels. he doesn’t quite understand why his favorite store, target, won’t take the british pounds, turkish lira, indian rupee, or euros he’s got in his stash. maybe i’ll have to wrap up his precious hungry hungry hippos game & give it to the boys as a gift from the “baby”.


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