this is what happens when i go the bathroom…

by @according2kelly on April 6, 2009

no, no – this isn’t the result of an edward scissorhands inspiration that came to me suddenly while sitting on the pot. instead, this is the work of my own personal edward scissorhands – my 2 year old. apparently he didn’t think that my carrie-inspired re-usable shopping bag had enough flair to it. so, he found some scissors (& i’m using the term “found” very loosely here. what i really mean to say is he went to my locked sewing cupboard, i guess the “child locks” no longer are a match for him, & purposely got out a pair of scissors) & started snipping away. who knows? he may have had a real vision here, unfortunately for him, i caught him in the middle of the act & prevented him completing his “masterpiece”. now, my over-the-shoulder bag is more of a clutch, but it’s okay, it’s still cute. hopefully, this will be owen’s “scissor story”. it seems every child has one, & this is way better than the story of gavin giving himself a haircut.


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