what was once new…

by @according2kelly on April 27, 2009

i had big plans for recycling a dresser, similar to what we had done HERE. but unfortunately, i just couldn’t find the right piece of furniture. scratch that…. i couldn’t find anything. you would think that months of searching thrift stores & garage stores, i would have found something. but nope – nada. the few things i did find were small & really, really, really over-priced. so, we ended up with something from ikea. the only drawback to our to our nice, new dresser was that it was powder blue…. which doesn’t exactly scream little girl. luckily, a can of paint is cheap. so we slopped on the paint (literally, because i don’t like things that look perfectly perfect), took some sand paper to it, added a few vintage-esque knobs & viola! we have ourselves a new, old dresser.


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