charlie’s world.

by @according2kelly on May 12, 2009

if you’ve been following my baby drama, then you know i was having a tough time making any kind of decision regarding the newest little princess’ palace. which quilt to hang, what color to paint the dresser, blah blah blah. at that “point in my life,” i felt like these decisions were uber-important… you know, a “make it, or break it” type of thing. but we all know, that was just the hormones talking.

after agonizing over the decisions for weeks, boring my hubby, mom & friends by constantly asking them over & over again for their opinion, i still couldn’t make up my mind. the night before going to the hospital i must have changed the quilt on the wall four different times. eventually i settled on one i thought i like best. but there still wasn’t anything on the walls. we packed up the boys & headed out in search of some “artwork”… there’s nothing like last minute. we did find a little something, but i still wasn’t exactly loving the room, but with a hospital stay drawing nearer to my future i finally decided i would just deal with it all later.

luckily for me though i have a doll of a hubby. while i was vacationing at the hospital, the hubby, my mil & the boys were playing “surprise by design.” as i sipped apple juice & feasted on crushed ice they were painting, decorating & putting the finishing touches on charlie’s world…



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