playlist emergency.

by @according2kelly on May 27, 2009

i made caramel crack this past weekend & unfortunately, it’s as yummy and addicting as ever – so, i’ve been nibbling at it ever since. (the rolled oats make it a practical choice for breakfast!) & although it is definitely delicious, i am no longer “with child”, so i can no longer blame any weight gain on the fact that i’m eating for two. seeing as i’m not planning on giving up desserts any time soon, i really need to stick to my running regime. but, it’s hard to coax my lazy bum out the door when i’ve got no “tunes” to get me motivated, energized & ready to “feel the burn.”

i am definitely in need of a new playlist that will get my toes tapping & my heart racing… any suggestions? i’d love to hear from you – what’s your favorite song or songs that get you going? i’ve got an itunes gift card that i’m just itching to spend. any ideas? play my little game & there just might be an itunes gift card in store for you too, at least one of you that is!


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