she’s done cooking.

by @according2kelly on May 5, 2009

almost every day for the past nine months, gavin has asked the same question “is the baby done cooking yet?” after months of anticipation & preparation, we can finally answer “YES!” but, if you’ve been following me on twitter, you probably already knew that. (missed the play-by-play action? you can catch up on all the recent happenings HERE.) anyway, without further ado, i’m pleased to introduce you to our little bundle of joy…

charlie (charlotte) mae. born saturday, may 2, 2009. 2:20 pm. 7 lbs. & 19 inches.

the boys are already smitten with her (as are we!), so it looks like we are going to keep her. & i might be a tad biased, but one look at her chubby cheeks, button nose, rosebud lips & mini fro-hawk and i can pretty much guarantee – she will melt your heart.

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