today’s the day.

by @according2kelly on May 2, 2009

yep! yep! the BIG day is finally here. it’s amazing – even with a deadline, i still don’t feel ready. and yet, the fact that i can no longer see my toes tells me otherwise. i did manage to get almost everything done on my ginormous list of to-dos (which might help explain my lack of posts lately). the nursery is kinda done (i’m not sure i LOVE it yet, but we wre getting there), i finally bought some diapers, there are lots of frozen meals in the freezer, my bag is packed, the cameras are charged, car seat is installed… it’s time to pop this baby out.

so, i might be just a bit busy over the nexy few days… if you don’t hear from me, no worries. in the meantime, if you happen to miss me, check me out HERE on twitter – i’m sure i’ll have lots to say.


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