i’m starting to develop a complex.

by @according2kelly on June 26, 2009

yes, i realize that i just had a baby. yes, i realize that she was my third baby. yes, i realize that my body isn’t just going to bounce back. these are all truths that i’ve accepted. however, i’m starting to develop just a bit of a complex, courtesy of my four year old gavin. case, or rather, cases in point…

* the day after i had charlie, the boys came to visit me in the hospital. at one point, i got up out of bed & immediately gavin said “oh good mom! you’re almost skinny again.”
* recently i bribed my kids with the promise of mickey d’s happy meals (yes, i am that mom). we were waiting in the drive thru, when gavin randomly announced “mom, you can’t eat mcdonald’s. it will make you fat.” funny thing is, he doesn’t think the rule applies to him.
* just yesterday, gavin was giving the babysitter a tour of our house. when he got to our office, where my bike is set up on the trainer, gavin told her “& this is the bike my mom has to ride to make her skinnier.”

if this keeps up, & gavin continues to be more concerned (than i am) about how skinny i am, i don’t know if i’ll have the nerve to get into a bathing suit this summer. personally, i’ve been pretty thrilled with my recovery, but gavin’s got me doubting myself. oh heavens!


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Don't feel like you'll never lose the weight.I'm amother of 5 in I lost most of mine .I just had my son 6mths ago. You should talk to adoctor about the weight.My doctor helped me.All my family points out that im fat,from my man,to kids,to parents but I dont care.So dnt feel alone,I question my body all the time.But never when people question it.I tell them if you dnt like it turn around then,but as for my child i just laugh, Cause they really dnt knw.Or u can tell them your hurting mommys feelings.Try it!

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